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Procrastination & You.

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You get the picture you have focused on. "Prosperity is the abundance of all things held ideal in mind and dear in heart." ©️ Niina Kabesa - How clear and exact are your ideals? - How much desire, longing, passion is attached to them? - How focused is the image in your mind? - How focused is your desire to have that ideal be out-pictured in your life? The complex thing about life is that it is wonderfully full of distractions. Here you are, focused on some purpose or goal and then this incredibly intrusive thing occurs. Perhaps, you are in law school, totally focused on becoming a lawyer. Then this great guy shows up, gets you and before you know it, you are at home practicing motherhood instead of Law. Life is full of distractions making it easy to lose focus.Winners stay focused. Sometimes they are so focused that you cannot even get their attentions.

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