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8 janv. 2023 - 27 oct. 2023

Balance Life Course 2023

  • 293jours
  • 32étapes
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À propos

Life is about knowing yourself and having balance in living life with others. I have 10 units which opens up after you have fully completed the one before! Here are the Time table: Unit1: Ebook - Before hiring a Life Coach Unit2: Check your Vision Unit3: Your best Year Unit4: Ebook by Niina Life Coach STUDY BREAK/RE-CAP Unit5: Your Life Purpose Unit6: Ebook by Niina Life Coach Unit7: How to cope with Fear STUDY BREAK/RE-CAP Unit8: I.S.K.P (Improve Skills, Knowledge & Performance. Unit9: How to boost your career Unit10: Am I on the right path. There will be a certificate at the end of the program! Happy learning and I look forward of seeing you at the end of the year.

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