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Can you Handle the Truth?

Life is truly taking a turn that very few people are taking notice while others are still walking around thinking of how life was for them when they were in a better situation or younger.

Such thoughts, if not careful will steal your day, week, months or years if you do not navigate it in a positive way.

For example: when you surround yourself with people who always talk about the same stories, it doesn't matter how they turn it around to sound different, unknown to them, they are indirectly letting people know where they are in their mind.

The only reason why mental health has become such a  pandemic is because those who raised us suffered it in silence and they traumatized us. They never knew that one day we will grow and have our own children and we did just that.

Don't get it twisted, they only raised us how they were raised and this is why some unhealed individuals to this day will say: 'We need to raise these children nowadays how we were raised'. No, I disagree.

We are to watch how the people who raised us and see how they are with our children, now that they know better. You will find that, they are now the ones telling us, do not shout at your child etc.

It isn't because they are the grandchildren, it is because with time, they have evolved and grown. They have realized that how they raised us was not the right way to an extent and they do not want us to repeat the cycle.

Some call it, family ties while others call it general trauma. What ever you chose to call it, it doesn't matter, however just know that somebody in that family must stop the cycle.

Of course the society we live in doesn't give us the opportunity to learn about our own families. They got everyone distracted by, learning this and that to be somebody, or work this job and that job to have XY and Z.

When the honest truth is: we are to journey inward when we reach the age of 18 years. This journey will have us ready and while by 33yrs to give ourselves fully to our purposes in life and our destiny.

There would be no diversion on our journey, just direction to our destination. The family which we are born into is a map to what it is we are to do on earth.

Look at the people in your family and their life stories, it wouldn't be long before you know the type of solution you have been called to solve here on earth.

Good morning, I am Niina Nia Kabesa and I have been an accredited life coach for over 15 years. One of the observations about life I have observed is that, we are the problems and solutions to all our challenges we face.

I have built a formula which is not a general formula but it is the type of formula which is tailored to the individual still having focus on the principle of the formula.

One of the principles of the formula is 'Truth'. Did you know statistically speaking, the average person lies four times, totaling 1,460 lies each year.

While men lie about six times a day, women lie three times a day, on average. When meeting someone for the first time, a person will lie to them twice or 3 times within a ten-minute timeframe.

For some of you who are parents, did you know that between ages 2 and 3 years old are the average ages for when a child tells their first lie?

Take it from me who is on this journey called motherhood for the six times that all these statistics are true and this is why 'Truth' is one of the most important principles about life in my coaching company.

To find out more about some new programs for the next three years, starting from 2024 visit and do like Mother of Nations - Life Coaching Group.

May your Tuesday be filled with Truth.


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