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Daughter to Mother


Something happened yesterday after doing everything Arielle wanted for her 6 years bday. She started talking while playing on her phone and I thought she's reading something on her phone.

It wasn't until 4 minutes of her talking that, I realised, I needed to record her.

Please black parents (I'm not being racist by this statement. I can only now speak my truth without being ask to generalise it. I can'tgeneralise an experience that happens me.), understand that our children are spirit first.

We can not raise them different to who they are, God's children.

I thank GOD, even thought I was labelled a fornicator, I feared God this time around, and chose to never abort anymore children after 1998. (There actually is a spoken word unpunished titled 1998).🙏🏾

When you promise God, You must understand that your words of promise to Him ( God the spirit) will be TRIED, TESTED until they are proven to be TRUE.

An outstanding mother does more than just feed, clothe, and provide all for her children. She goes beyond and above the skies.

She sets a tone in her home that even when she is far gone, she will always be seen through her generations. That is what I call outstanding.

So next time you say you're a mother, ask yourself this question:

What exactly are you building in your children?

Is it God center or trend center?

We can still have fun and be trendy when we are building God as a foundation in our children heart. 🙏🏾

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