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Happiness is a Choice

Happiness is a choice and when you choose to be happy, you make sound move and it’s also a form of worship to God.

Loving yourself leads to you wanting to be happy! Another person will never bring you happiness, they will complement you!

Two happy people make an amazing happy life. A life filled with blessing upon blessing.

Two depressed people make an amazing depressed life. If they are not bringing someone down or talking evil of someone, they are fighting with everyone else.

Choose wisely, which one you want! I always choose happiness and that is why I couldn’t settle where I was not happy! (I did not say, where I was made to feel unhappy but where I (me) was not happy). Until there is a conviction in me that I am not ok, I exit.

I never need anyone permission to exit a place where I am not happy. I do not, need to ask another person to change for me to be happy! Choosing to leave is being responsible and a sign of maturity!

What good can come out of a relationship, be it friends or lovers, when all you do is look down on each other and never growing to be better?

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