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He's here...

Good man still exist and are always waiting for the guy with you to mess up, so they can have you. 🤷🏾‍♀️🤣🤭

A Big WOW that it's even raining 🌧. What a blessed day.

May many women know their values and never settle with an abusive, narcissistic and a cheating men who make it look like it's your fault that's why they behave like that.

May many African men also know that it is never a woman fault for how you act irresponsable. It's all your own fault and vise versa for female too.

If you do not like how he's treating you, leave, you are not a tree. Stop expecting human being to fulfil your desire or fill up your void.

That's God's job not humans. You be ready at all time to serve another the way God served you.

Yes, many have no idea that God serves us. Irrespective of what we do to offend Him, He still care, love us, He's merciful and faithful. Those are Him serving us care, Love, merci and faithfulness.

Until you spent the alone required time with God according to your purpose, you will not understand your calling to the fullest. 😇🙏🏾

"God is everywhere you look. The problem is, some are not intimate with God to see Him everywhere. They are afraid of Satan and his demons instead of fearing God." ©️ Niina Nia Kabesa-Kimana

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