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Home to Self

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

I have reach the stage in my life where I can honestly say that there is no part of the external world that is better to live in.

No matter where you find yourself in the world, you can still be home. I know people who live in Africa and are living far more better than those who left Africa to come to the western world for a better life. That’s an illusion.

I know people who live in western world and left to go to Africa and have become millionaires within a space of couple of years.

This is why I concluded that the real home is in you. You need to find the real you and once you are home to yourself, you will be home everywhere you find yourself externally speaking.

Stop being conditioned in a way of life presented to you externally and focus on being conditioned by your internal visions and aspirations.

That person you see inside of you is the real you and that person is home already. I got asked why am I living in Turkey Because UK is better. I answered, I go where God tells me to go and UK is not better without me. I make anywhere better because where I am God is there.

I was not being religious, I was being the real me and because I demonstrated a way never seen before, people are reaching out to help me. I am convinced, the research I'm doing here in Turkey will be a fascinated one.

Come on friends, it's time to BE and quit trying to become something you are already on the inside.

sending love and virtual hugs 🫂

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