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In Christ is the beginning.

When you know how it will end, you just seat, observe and laughing at them. God is a just God.

Aim to be good Only, avoid doing bad because you will still pay for the wrong you done to that innocent person.

Being in Christ qualifies your spirit to make heaven.

However, the cry of that innocent person you destroyed, can cause you to physically and mentally have issues but your spirit will make heaven.

Reason why I tell people, walk in light of God goodness in the physical and have a mind that want to do good and not evil.

Being born again is a spiritual manifestation, not a physical or mental manifestation.

For your mind and physical to transform, you need to:

1: renew your mind.

If you stole, destroyed and killed someone's life, go and give back all sincerely. So you can enjoy the abundance God speaks about in the bible.

2. Let your new regenerated spirit dominate your flesh (physical). You do this by getting acquainted with God in you.

Ephesians 5:1 is the end goal in this being born again journey.

It does not stop because you're saved, you must work on your own salvation my friend aiming to be like your creator, mine is Elohim.

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