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In spirit and in True

John 1:1 is clear, the word we speak, is God speaking. That is if you are in Christ.

Here is a revelation God taught me in my earlier days of being in Christ. (2008)

How to identify agents of darkness amongst Christians?

Everyone that approaches you with a fear filled prophecy or insight is not coming from God. (in doubt ask God).

This is how they inflict issues/sickness into you.

You were absolutely fine before they approached you and say: ‘I see sickness or issues inside you etc’.

If you do not speak back like I do to most of them, what they said will manifest around you so that you can confess:

‘oh yes, this is what pastor said’ and then you will believe it and it will come to pass. 😰😢

Someone like me I will respond: ‘that’s not me’ and each time you cut them off saying ‘I reject it in Jesus name’ you will notice that they will get frustrated and call you rebellious and say that you are refusing instructions. The will also ask you to be silent and listen first to what they are saying. Keep praying and rejecting in on your inside.

God plans for my life is of good and not evil.

Talking to me about evil things in my life is not God plan, it’s evil plan.

Be a talking Christian, do not let other Christians’ unbelief or fear be the reason you worship God.

Let your belief and faith in God be the only reason you worship Him. God will always show you the End and put you in the beginning.

He does not show you the evil around you because He knows if you stay in His presence, those evil will be dropping off around you, you will only see their destruction but non of those destructions will come near you.

Me, people know not to approach me with those manipulative speeches.

I do not believe that my father in heaven, will go to someone whom I do not know their heart and tell them to come tell me something.

It’s impossible because I speak with Him everyday.

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