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Just Keeping It Real

People need to see the process God is taking you through to get to your promise land and /or palace.

How can people believe that God did it for you when you are always hiding the process?

Doesn’t our lives belong to God when we are in Christ? Why then do we still hold onto our lives? How can we think, holding onto our lives, will not stop God from ddoing for us?

Please correct me if I’m wrong but I could swear that I read it somewhere in the bible when it said: “those that holds onto their lives, loose it”.

When in Christ, we are to let God guide our lives how He pleases. After all, He sees all and He orchestrates all, does He not?

I find it easier to just go where He asks me and do what He asks me. He is a transparent God, see-through like glass and there is a reason for the transparency. He wants people to see and believe.

He is not a magician, He is the beginning of all creations and the end of it all. Surely He knows what He does wouldn’t you think?

Let today, be one of those days, you decide to stop loving darkness (everything that hides is in the darkness) and start choosing to be what the bible said about you ‘light of the world’ (All transparency are lights) and God knows why!

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