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Know Who you are.

You are living on this earth as a spiritual being from the spiritual world to do more, think more than the earthlings.

Those who are filled with the spirit of God are whole and complete individuals. There is a common intelligence that God the Father has given everyone one of his creations.

We do not need to be born again to know how to build aeroplane, cars, and all that we see here on earth. You do not need to be born again to have children,  be in a long lasting marriages because all these things are the intelligence given to all.

You do need to be born again if you want God to be in control of your life. If you want to have the epignosys (the full insight into all the realities) of what's happening in the physical realm, you need God in you.

Many Christians today were invited to a church. They started serving but were not born again. No one led them to the prayer of salvation, and this broke my heart.

Without accepting the lordship of christ in your life and accepting his ways, nor believe that he died and rose again to save our sins, you are not a new creation.

Sin does not exist in new creations, only repentance and falling. As a new creation,  you are to be more God conscious as opposed to being sin conscious. Why?

Well, the answer should be obvious. Unfortunately, it isn't too many. Christ's death was to wipe all sins. Not just the once you have confessed when you were born again but all the sins. Even the ones you haven't committed yet. Having this mindset, will cause you to thank God more, asking for guidance and becoming sin free in your mind and live life making sure all that you do has love as a foundation because where love is, God is there.

There's more I want to reveal, but I'll stop here. Have an amazing Sactification Saturday.

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