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Know Yourself

Say it with me:

“I should not demand another person to do for me what I have not done for myself!”

My friends, in any relationship, if anyone expects another person to do [for them what they don’t do for themselves], they need to go to therapy because they are not ready for any relationship!

The best relationships are the ones where people know themselves and are true to themselves.

Some people mess up their own lives by sleeping around and expect you to consider them has good person. They do not see what they’re doing is wrong, what makes you think that they are considering you?

Relationships are supposed to be a place where things grow, people grow etc! It is not a place to use people because they have this and that! Insecure people need to first learn to love themselves and trust themselves before entering any relationship!

I once was insecure and I walked alone for 7 years. It is a sign of responsibility and maturity if you work on yourself so you do not become a danger or liability to others.

Sex is not something you do to get rid of stress. It is something you should be doing in marriage and when you are happy, not sad.

There is a spiritual element attached to sex which causes issues when you do it outside of marriage, when sad or stress!

No one talks about the spiritual side of sex because they do not understand it.


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