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"Love is Love" Phrase. What is the meaning of it?

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

When people say this phrase: "Love is Love" to justify their reason for wanting to be intimate with maybe same sex partner or different race partner, I feel like asking them, "What's love got to do with it"?

First of all, Love has nothing to do with our sexual or racial orientation.

Love is a spirit, not even a feeling.

What people choose to do in their sex life should not be the focus to justify it as Love. "Love is not Sex".

I love my female friends and male friends. I do not sexualise them. I feel that because many do not understand exactly what Love is, that's why they are quick to move to sex because the.person is kind of nice.

The only thing that can conquer anything is true, authentic Love that is not sexual. I love my female friend Tina, I care about her and I can move mountain for her. However, I do not sexualise her, I see her like a sister more than a friend.

There are some friends that becomes like family.

If I believed that 'Love was sex', I probably would have sexualise her.

Stop saying the phrase "Love is Love" to justify your sexual preferences. Call it what it really is, "Sex is Sex"! I do not have issue with people's sexual preferences, I have an issue when people try to call Sex, Love; they are two different things.

Love has nothing to do with sex. It is above sex or race because love never ends.

If what people claim to be Love, was really Love, why do relationship ends and we move to another relationship with other people?

It was never Love, it was sex. Change the phrase "Love is love" to "Sex is sex" because that is what it is.

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