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Mindful Monday - How many NOs have people said?

People are always fake, especially when they tell you 'well done' when you have done something they could not have done.

I remember in my early days of Christianity, many so called people of God looked down on me, even though I was helping them out financially and through other means.

However, my biggest rejection from Christians was when I decided to write seven original songs and got people to sing some of them. I invested over £4000 by myself. From that point I understood what it meant to be religious and what it meant to be a child of God.

I was born again just in July 2008, and I was told 'I knew nothing about God' because I only got born again two years ago. I had to take a seat, and let the words they were teaching enter me and then ask permission before doing anything.

In 2010, I released my first ever Christian album titled 'More Than'. Not one Christian believed in me, and when I published a book in 2012, two years after the album, I was told again that I knew nothing about God to write a book like that.

Today, all over the world people are preaching about your identity in God. Bringing out deeper meanings and revelations, and what they say is not different to what I said. The only different is: Humans have recognised them as people of God and I have been looked down upon once again because when people hear of my life story, the first thing they all think is:

I need God.

If there's anyone in this life that has been walking with God from the first time they were born again, it's me.


Because the people that fight me aren't sinners, they're saints. A reflection of what happened to my brother Jesus.

For the last 3 weeks, I have heard men and women of God from all walks of life confirm all the revelations God revealed to me in my 12 years, (almost 13 years) of walking in my new identity.


I do not think so.

I am not a human as I always say, I am a spirit first and no one can call me theirs in their ministry because God claimed me as His already.

The moment people try to keep me in their religious creation, God will remove me.


I am like my brother Jesus, I am here on a mission. To help all children of God and not just one child of God.

I go where God places me and I know it is for a season, not for a life time. I understood my calling very well and I'm still walking in it while many are getting upset that they did not make me their puppet, like they have made many other people.

Whenever I am told No, I know that God has said Yes to me, so I walk away smiling because I know from that moment, I'm too big for that place.

When people come into my life at a season where I'm at my lowest, they automatically believe I need God. They never once ask God to show them me, they jump into their own conclusion that their help or prayer is the one that made me who I am.


You meet me at my thousandth lowest point. I have been here before and God promised me that He will provide for me in this season and He used you to do it. That's the reason why I keep thanking God and not you. I knew my assignment next to you, but you could not see yours next to mine.

There are some people that when you sincerely bless them, God will shoot you up to another level financially.

I am that person.

I am the portal of God's POWER and I have walked around many people for the last 12 years, bringing them solutions, but no one listened to me because I did not look the part.

The helper that God will send for your ministry may just be a single mother of six children from six different men. However, because of your human eyes, you judge by what you see.

I am the Yes in your No because I have gotten too many No's from humans that now, I am the divine Yes to those in need of God's miracle in their life or ministry.

"God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise and the weak things of the world to shame the strong." This was the verse God told me when I asked "who will believe me?".

It is a shame, that many keep missing God because they are never ready all the time.

Be ready at all times, no matter how many NO's you get. God can make you a divine Yes to humanity.

Everyone that encounters you will see their life change for the better, however if they try to be all fraudulent about it, God will remove you with all that you were supposed to do in that person's or people's lives.

Part of this Life journey is OWNING YOUR STORY.

People that tell me No have told themselves No because it may look like I needed them, but really it was them who needed me.

I say it again; the help that God will bring into your life will never be how you image it or want it to be.

Stop limiting God in the same manner you limited your dreams.


N.L.C xx

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