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Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Some men are looking for a woman to treat them like a King when in reality they had a Queen did not treat them like a King because she saw them as a King. He treated her as a rag because she will remind him to be responsible because he had a kingdom to rule and not a strip club to run.

The foolishness of some African man is, you need to love, protect and provide (spiritual food) and listen to your Queen in order for her to see you as a King. All the above, cost nothing, it’s about your character as a man.

If you hear a man say the following:

I got rid of her because she’s trying to control me’, he is not a king.

He is a pesan that got given an opportunity to be with a real Queen, who was giving him tough love to awaken the king in him who was sleeping because he was surrounded by people that applauded his foolishness. Queens do not applaud or stand for stupidity, pesan girls do.

Now that the Queen he got rid off got found by a real King, he is trying to get back into her life, using the same child he ignored and went to make another out of spite. Thinking that his move was going to hurt the real Queen but in reality he just exposed himself to those who identify such man as a narcissist.

One thing about having a child with a narcissist man is that, they really do not love the child. They will use the child to get to you if you give them that opportunity.

This is a mental illness and many African men are narcissists. A truth many women ignore, especially those men mothers, who also are narcissistic.

Ladies, every men we marry has a past relationship and if you believe that man, with what he tells you about the other woman being evil and bad. Understand that he was the evil and bad one in that relationship.

Also, the reason you believe them is because you think, he married you because you are better. The truth is, you are better because you accept his lies and you are insecure about who you are as a woman and was desperate maybe to get married.

I am not saying people do not change, what I’m saying is this:

‘if you have to bring someone down, in order for you to be seen as a good person, that is not how you change’.

Soon or later, you will be exposed by that same person who believed you. She will see right through you.

God can not be mocked and let’s stop encouraging men bringing down other woman in front of us.

Me when my husband starts with, how some women are this and that. I tell him, these women are like that because of men like you. You follow them on social media, liking their foolishness and dissing them off social media. That’s a mental health problem right there.

He stops and he never brings down any woman in front of me. Now imagine if I did give him the ears? What we fail to understand as women is that, those women we let them put down in front of us are women they are fantasising about. If you do not knock it off as I do to my husband. You will be fighting with that girl one day because she will come his side chick.

Yes they are men and our husband. Yes they may have gone through women who really were bad, but the ones they often talk bad about, is the one that handled him proper and he is afraid of her because he knows, his sex, his lies, his witchcraft, could not keep her because a real Queen doesn’t chase a man after he has cheated. She packs and leaves because she knows that’s not how a Queen deserves to be treated.

While they’re there telling the world another lie about, his new wife calling him a King, ask yourself this:

Is calling you a King, better then being treated as King?

Queens don’t treat Kings with softness, especially when they are being irresponsible in the running of their Kingdom. Queens are not the ‘Yes’ type of women.

To all of you men who are looking for Queens make sure you are Kings first. Make sure you built your kingdom with your own money and not another woman money!

TRUST ME, I can go on and on just to save a whole generation from narcissist black African men, especially Congolese men, the worse type. (Stay away from them). There are many of these Congolese men that have taken on other nationalities such as Angolan and brazavillan. But I know them through and through.

Just glad my husband is none of the above. 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

I’m never going to fit in as a woman that stays with a man just because people will talk if I leave.

Well, people will talk when you become depressed and worse, when you die, people will move on, especially that narcissistic man.

Stay Sound and Sane Sunday.

love you infinity ♾

Niina Nia Kabesa👸🏾🙏🏽🙌🏾🥇

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