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On your way to success, be observant of your surroundings.

●Motivational Monday●

Tupac was my best rapper and the quote I wrote on the picture derives from having observed what happen to Tupach. It was his surroundings that gotten him killed.

Moving in a crowd is good if you know who is who spiritually speaking. Some people around you are snakes 🐍. They Laugh with you but criticise you when with other set of people.

The same people come back to you and tell you. Instead of you to remove yourself from both people, you believe the person that told you. You should have asked them, what were you saying when that person was saying that?

The one that told you is more dangerous. So, please my friends, not everyone in your circle truly are happy for your success. My grandmother use to tell me when younger to never have friends more than five.

I was like, that's impossible because I love people and started naming all my primary school friends. Today, I see her point. Quality is better than quantity.

I do not yet have five friends, I have acquaintances, colleagues and people I trust with my life.

Only friend I have choosen to have spiritually speaking is Jesus. At least for the now, until God qualifies some to me. With the rate of friends poisoning friends, we have to hold onto God like never before.

On the physical, I only have three...not yet five and these three were qualified by God, who brought them in and said to me they are good people.

Make your circle smaller as you get older and wiser. Have a blessed week ahead.

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