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Premarital Sex ....

Marriage is not hard. It is hard for those who never started it God way and they walk around telling people it's hard.

If you had sex, even if it was once, and

gotten married, it's not God way. It's carnal because what many do not know is sex outside God institution, open the spiritual portal for darkside to enter.

This is what God told me. Reason why no man stay with me, they all just wanted sex from me. The moment they did that, God removed them.

Onething I realised is that when you really love God, He will never ever let you stay where it does not glorify Him.

If He wants you to do it right, trust me when I say:

it is better for you to keep getting it wrong, repent and seek God's way, than to get it wrong and pretend to others that you got it right.

With God, even these arguments many say is normal in marriage, will not be there.

Now, how you are with your friends is how you will be with your spouse. People who are constantly creating problem with their friends will do the same to their spouse. So when choosing spouse, do not just look at families history, try hear stories when they were younger and are they mentally OK?

People that have mental problem love sex, because it's something that makes them feel OK. When someone is too sexual, just know they have a mental problem.

Sex is good, just like most things in life are good, however, sex is not and should not be more important in your union. You can be in love with a person without sex. It is this system that put it in your head that it's important for your health. 🤦🏾‍♀️

What's good for your health is your mind being healed from all toxic stuff and put in informations which are pure and good.

Let this sync in.

Most of us need to unlearn many things they knew.

Marrying after sex, brings many challenges in marriage. Until we do it God way, we will never experience the peace and wealth that marriage brings in our lives.

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