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Saturday Story - You are responsible for your life, not others.

Everything has a beginning and and End. . . . This is my mindset. . . . Why do I not get Upset when I tell people truth and they walk away from me? . . . Because they do not want to be set free. The truth is the only thing that will set you free and unfortunately many have held on tie to their problems because they do not want to be free. . . . How can a person who is still in spiritual prison, tell a person who has been set free by God, how to BE? . . . If truly they had all these informations, why do they not use it to free themself from the prison they kept putting themselves in by thinking things no one told them and twisting what was said to them to seek attention. . . . In 21st century, no one believe in people doing them wrong or saying things to upset them. The question is why you upset? It has nothing to do with what they told you. . . . It means you are the person with problem, not the people telling you things. Never ask to be something in life if you are not ready to heal. . . . People, go to therapy and stop bleeding on people and try to make someone look bad because they told you some truth you took wrong. Nothing to do with them. . . . STOP BLEEDING ON OTHER PEOPLE AND BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ONCE FOR HOW YOU THINK!!!!!!!!!!! . . . No one will help you this time around, God will not either because He done it all and it's finish. You need to take responsibility for your life. . . . We have all gone through these process with our trauma and guess what? We never blame people to cover up, we spoke the truth and acknowledged that we are the one with problem. . . . That's the only way forward. No one actually does anything to us, we choose to be victims or Victors. . . . The choice is yours and when God removes people in your life, please do not let them back in again, you do not know what God saw in their heart for you. . . . I always say: 'Love everyone, but trust only God' and learn to pray people out of your life when their season is over. . . . I am a life coach, not a therapist, I show you were you're stopping yourself and the decision to do something about it is up to you, not me. You are responsible for your life, not Me. . . . ✌🙏

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