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Self- evaluation Time

Lord, what is going on? Whatever this is, I know you will always cover your own.

I pray up the love and peace of God (Shalom) to all those who are losing loved one in this season!

For the rest of us, please let us stay closer to God like never before.

This is the last days the bible talks about, everyone for themselves in the matter that concerns faith with God.

There is no such thing as too much faith or too spiritual. Everyone must and I repeat must work out their own salvation.

Long are gone, the days when we must go to the mountains and pray. This is the days we are told in the bible that we should pray in truth and in spirit.

It is time many of you stop hiding and come out, start talking so that some healing can commence in your life.

You may think, because you are working, earning or you have everything, that you are OK.

Deep down, secretly, you know you struggle with jealousy and no one knows but God.

Deep down, you keep pointing fingers at people saying 'this one has a problem', failing to understand you are the one with the problem because you see problem in people.

When I went through therapy, I wanted to get into the psychology field, to set black people free from the blockage many have built in their mind from generation.

Many call it generational trauma.

Until everyone do a self-evaluation, and become aware of their trauma and desire to change for the better, we, the black people, have a long way from bettering anything that involves us.

We will always see other races are doing us wrong and failing to see that we are doing ourselves wrong and not the other races.

I was born, to bring librration of the mind to my people. To help you with the realignment of who you truly are as a people. (Black People).

We need to unlearn many history stories which are part of the constitutional system, placed in the contribution by our own black leaders due to greed o destroy our mind.

It is all about your Mind and that's where, for those who read the bible, Christ said to 'Re-New' it.

I want you all from today to be aware about your feelings, and do not judge it, just observe it and ask why? Why you feel like that?

Those who judge others, is a sign of how they treat themselves. In choosing friends, lovers or work colleagues, please go for those who aren't fake.

I do not judge people based on what they do, I judge people based on how they are thinking.

Often, how people think, is how they are also and it also tells me where they are or which trauma they are hiding.

Why do you feel the way you feel?

These are usually a sign that, there is something in us to fix and not something outside of us.

Why do you think that person is bad?

What is it inside you, you need to remove?

Remember the whole world was created by the good God, therefore, until you look at a problem or situation or a person and see solution or at least try to see solution before calling it a problem, just know, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM AND NOT WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING AT.

It really is time to go in, close our doors and self-evaluate.

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