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Strong people seek Help!

Good morning,

This pained me and I had to come in here and share with you my journey as a lone mother!

If you are raising a child/children alone, I do not want you to think asking for help is a bad thing.

I struggled with Postenatal depression after giving birth to my first born! At the time, I did not know I was depressed!

I hated myself, and I did not want to carry the child at all! However, I did ask for help when my midwife came in for routine check up!

Many of us found ourselves left alone to raise the children and I know it is not easy, however, we also need to stop being hard on ourselves!!!!!

What led me into depression was:

1. People were looking down on me, and I should have known better that opinion of others do not matter!

2. I had dreams. I wanted to be a singer, actress, writer etc and I dropped out my studies to give birth! My dreams were shattered and it depressed me more.

3. ‘Who will want to marry a woman who already go a child?’ This was also another factor which depressed me!

Fast forward…..

When I stopped playing the ‘I am a strong woman’ I understood that seeking for help required more strength.

I am strong today because I got help from other women who have been were I was and some professional therapy too!

Did you know that shouting at children is a sign that you have depression issues? Seek help please!

Most of our training are to give many of you heads up and knowledge on how to approach another parent who could be struggling! (You are here to learn also to help another parent).

Do not keep the informations to yourself, please share with other parents, share with your children school! You just never know who need this community to stay alive!


Children never remain younger for long and learn to communicate with them, how you want them to communicate with you.

EACH ONE PLEASE HELP ANOTHER! We need each other, no other parents should take their life when help is everywhere.

May she rest in peace and May her children never believe that she died because of them! 😥

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