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Sunday Routines are for children not grown ups.

It's Sunday.

I remember when I was a child (spiritually), I did what was required of me to do, being a church goer was one of those many things I did and I did it very well.

Now that I am all grown up (spiritually), being the church, going out to make sure I share with everyone about my father, has become my thing.

My Sundays, are now for me to go where I am invited and share my testimonies.

I am about my father's business which is His creations and giving them realistic nuggets on how to function on this realm (earth) is a must.

When does a person becomes all grown up in the spirit?

Is it when another human being tells them or when God tells them?

In the end, God always wins and this statement has always been the end of all my stories.

I always win because God is my father.

Make sure to take God to your buildings, where you gather with other saints.

May TODAY be the day, you decide to grow up spiritually.

The world awaits the manifestation of the grown children of God.

God bless you.

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