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There is a reason WHY.

Have you ever heard those women/mothers who gave birth naturally how they speak? "I took no pain Killer, I just pushed and that's it".

I personally know that some women/mothers, lie about their birth experiences to look stronger, while others say stupid things like "You are not a woman until you have given birth naturally".

Let me, the woman who experienced all type of birth, tell you that in any type of birth, you are woman enough. Raise your head up and don't listen to insecure women.

You laid down your life, ready to die just to give life to another person and that my lady is a selfless act.Yes, I know, many never looked at it the way I just described it.

Do you know how many women die in pregnancy, while trying to give birth and so forth?

Giving birth naturally is the only easiest and painless experience I had and I only had it once. I am blessed with six children and I had the following deliveries:

1. Induced delivery - This is when they had to start the contraction for you by applying gels inside of you and breaking the water by force. This, for me was the most painful birth and I suffered postnatal depression because of the pain I went through. This made to realise that, anythingforce in life is always painful.

2. Medical delivery - This is when you opt for the pain killer. I opt in for the Epidural. This is when they insert a niddle, in your spine. It is a dangerous methods because one wrong move, could either push the needle the wrong way etc. Once the needle is in, they then num you from the waste down. You will no longer feel any pain bellow, you will feel pressure when it's time to push. This methods calms the mother so there's less stress to the baby.

3. Suction delivery - Not sure what it is called, however this is when they use a sucking object and push in you to attach it in the baby head and help to pull when you are pushing.

4. C-section delivery - we all know what that is. They cut you, to get baby out.

5. Premature Delivery - I lost consciousness and collapsed at 34 week pregnant. Was in coma for 2 days, woke up in intensive care with tube down my throat and all around my body. My child was in special unite at another hospital for 8 days. It was at day 15 that I was able to carry my child for the first time.

6. Natural Delivery - After a nice bath, started feeling contraction, got to hospital 45 minutes, and in less than 5 hours, I gave birth naturally and left that same day to go home.

I experience 6 different delivery and not one of them made me feel less of a woman/mother. If anything It made me realise how women/mothers sacrifice their body, mind, emotions and life to make sure the child they are carrying is healthy and safe.

All the type of deliveries are traumatic, that's why it is important to take your time after birth. Never feel that choosing C-section or other means of delivering your child is bad.

The most important thing is that you choose the best way to deliver your child while considering any medical challenges you could be facing at that moment.

Pregnancy in itself is a dangerous stage of any woman's life. You are twice as vulnerable when you are pregnant and that stage of deciding to give birth to a child is evidence you are a good person. To me, giving birth is enough to make you an amazing woman/mother.

It does not matter how you delivered that child. What matters is, the safety of your child and self.

Choosing to bring life into this world, makes you a good woman/mother and I take the time to say: THANK YOU!

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