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We know, so we can Help others!

Be kind to people all the times because some people you did meet in your earlier life, today could become your helper.

If they can not help you this is why:

The devil come to:

1. Steal, your destiny helper in the NOW, for Tomorrow. He deceived EVE, in that NOW, because he knew it will destroy the whole world.

2. Destroyed your relationship with that helper because he knows, Tomorrow, your destiny will be destroyed.

3. Kill every ties with that helper.

My friends, the betterment of your Tomorrow is in the hands of someone God sent in your life in the NOW.

Instead of seeing with God eyes, you are listening to what people are telling you.

What they are telling you is wrong, they are stealing your time, deatroying your endeavours and they killed your destiny.

You are not responsible to care for no one but yourself first.

Becareful on people who like to always put their negative energy on you.

You owe no one happiness.


You can not give to others what you do not have.

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