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Who I am

Every tongue that rises up against me, Lord Shame it. Big time.

From gang rape at age seven, to having six children from six failed relationships and being told for an African, I behave wrong etc.

Bottom line is, I have my own personal morals and it's simple. Maybe you can call it my own trauma but I do not like painful anything.

I will not stay in any relationships be it friendship or any, where the love is not reciprocal. Nope.

I value me, if people do not value themselves and try to cause me to lower in their level by inflicting pain towards me in hope I will fall at their level, it ain't happening.

I have a fix mindset when it comes to me.

1. I am God's only begotten daughter.

2. I am Jesus little sister.

3. I am POWER over powers

4. I do not have a life, I have a God.

5. I am not human, I am a spirit trying to figure out being a human (it's challenging).

6. I am Love.

My mind for 13 years changed and was renewed. If what you are talking to Me is in line with the 6 at the top, we'll be OK, if not, understand this:

"I'm in your life so that you can learn a spiritual lesson and once you have learnt it, God will seperate us".

When you fight it and try to think it's you whose helping me etc, you will be frustrated and will try to figure me out and that's where you might begin to hate me.

Don't try figure me out, try to figure out the why you trying to figure me out instead of figuring yourself?

I'm like the wind, no one will ever see me coming or going, only God.

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