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Who runs the world?

Who runs the world?

Female (Girls) Women of course.

The bible said:

He (male,boy,man) who finds a She(Female, girl, woman), finds a good thing and obtain favor from God (Elohim).

So, it is fair to say that Girls, Female, women run the world because even God confirms it.

Without us (Female,girl,woman), male, boys, men are none other than an A$# 🕳 which has no ability of birthing life only the ability to make bowel movements.

Female, Girls, women, rise up and take up your rightful position.

We are the one to move the world forward to the glory of He (Elohim) who created us.

It is time to retire the men, let us take care of what they have been struggling to take care of.

I am doing my part. ✊🏾🙏🏾😇

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