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Your first Fruit from God

The first church members are your children.

Psalms 127:3‭-‬5 said this:

3 Children are God’s love-gift; they are heaven’s generous reward.

- God gave you them for a reason and many people ignore them once younger, because they believed that, "the children are too young to know anything".

Spending time with them seems like a waste of time. So, society ended up raising your children, now that they older, you are wondering why they say: "You were never there for me".

Your response is what? I put you in nice schools, etc?

Failing to understand that your child wanted your time not your money. Don't be surprised if all these stuff you're doing, they end up rejecting it.

I'm glad I spent time with them over my career. I never lost anything, I gained everything. Learn to protect and nurture what God gave you and stop chasing those you gave yourself.

What God gives is for blessing you and never to bring you hardship.

4 Children born to a young couple will one day rise to protect and provide for their parents.

- Key word is Protection and Provision.

Parents who curses their children or refuses to be there for them when younger, think because they are the parents the child will come look for them or they can just walk back in their lives and expect them to embrace them.

Unfortunately if that child is born with someone like me, they will love you, respect you because you're dad, however, if you are not making the effort to communicate, they will never chase you.

They can not protect nor provide for someone thy do not know. It's not the fault of the parent that raised them. It is the responsibility of the absentee parent to make the effort.

5 Happy will be the couple who has many of them! A household full of children will not bring shame on your name but victory when you face your enemies, for your offspring will have influence and honor to prevail on your behalf!

- Key words are:

1. Influence - we give birth so our children will be influential children when older. Not repeating the same life we did rather a far better life than us.

2. Honor - A child given by God and not by your own sentiment will bring you Honor and not shame. Whether people have spiritually attack them or not, if it was God, trust me, they will never bring you shame as long as God is involved in their life.

When you read the word of God, do not just read it. Ask God to give you spirit of understanding to understand His word by revelation and not intellectual.

I pray that many understand that as long as you are neglecting your children, no matter how many you have after the first God gave you, your life will never be OK and you are putting all the children that comes after in danger.

God gave you those children, what exactly did you do with them?

Leaving only one parent raising them is your doing. You can not say: the other parent refused. Why have another child when you have not yet seen the first fruit?

God is a fair God and that is the question that child will ask. You never loved me and you had another child you preferred more than me. Children grow up, my friends and they see things.

Blaming other parent is pointless because that's the parent the child saw struggle for them to get food clothes etc.

Let this post, cause you to think long and hard. Why you rejecting your first child?

Until you reunite with your first fruits, you will never enjoy other fruits.

Some of you think doing for your child will make the other parent richer.

The most stupid and foolish thing I ever heard.

Failing to understand when the other parent is OK, so is your child and later the child will know that you respected the other parent.

Notice I am using other parents as supposed to gender.

We do not just have single mothers, there are some fathers who have raised their children alone without the mother being around. We just do not talk about it.

Be safe and purposeful.


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