Who Am I?

Niina Kabesa is a mum-preneur who wears many hats.  A winner of Women4africa Outstanding mother of the year 2022. A mother of nations she is and her children reflect what she talks about. She is a woman of her words and what she says always comes to pass. Everything she knows today is because she applied it, in her own life. She is a strong advocate on self-Love and  strongly believes that as a black person, she once was conditioned by some toxic limited belief which caused her to doubt herself and her abilities. She is the female who is determined to prove to the world that ‘Love’ truly conquers all because Love is God.

"God is a spirit, therefore Love also is a spirit. This means we can not measure Love by what we do physically! We measure it by spiritual manifestations." ©️Niina Kabesa TM

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