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Everything Belongs To God

Psalms‬ ‭127:3‬ ‭AMP‬

Behold, children are a heritage and gift from the Lord, The fruit of the womb a reward.

_____________ Bible Study Time ___________

Hello beautiful minds,

Do you know why many people throw away the Bible?

Do you know why many people think it's a white man book?

Because these people do not have the real God (the Creator in their heart)! You can not understand this book unless you have a heart and mindset like a child.

Many of you think that spiritual maturity means knowing how to read people or practicing some form of magic or having a knowledge of higher realm.

If that is your definition of maturity in spiritual things, know that you are serving the dark side and not the light.

The children of the light, are children.

For those of us who have children, do you see how they are bold when under five?

They literally get away with anything because people see them as innocent therefore refrain from exposing them to God's word thinking they wouldn't understand.

Actually that's the best time to introduce God to them and that's what happened to me. My maternal grandfather chose me as the grandchild to start making me know about God and not religion.

I was a child and it was before my childhood traumatic event that happened to me. Maybe that's why I am still an overcome.

Thank you Lord 🙏🏿.

Now, the Bible is not for everyone. (Let this sync in). The Bible is not also for religious folks, or gospel artist, pastors, evangelist etc. Nope. The Bible is for those who are walking with God in spirit and in Truth. (PERIOD)!!!

Do you know why it's called a double edged sword? A double edged sword is a sword that cuts just as deep on both sides. Now metaphorically speaking we cannot stand on either side of the sword without it cutting through us.

Here on earth, we should be spiritual beings trying to work out how to live as human without tempering our spiritual gifts. We are not humans, trying to figure out spiritual reality and that's what religion or all those practicing deviation do. They are learning or trying to learn God or Spirituality.


A condition mindset will never ever get to the core of God and Spirituality and this is why scriptures in the Bible can be understood differently. There is only one way of understanding scriptures, as a child and not an educator, theologian or other spiritual labelling.

Stop questioning the content or context and just believe what it says is the only truth. When you have this mindset you will understand that when you have a child, it's because God gave it to you as a gift and nothing to do with man or woman.

When you acknowledge they came from God through a man, you will always ask God first how to raise the child before asking the father of that child.

When a gift comes from someone you love so much, you will cherish it more, protect it so that its value never decreases.

Now answer this question:

WHY do we have TROUBLESOME children in this WORLD?

Well, if you understand what I have said before this question, you will see that the answer is clear.


The parents are raising their children the way they were raised which was wrong and they know it's wrong but because that's all they know, they do it wrong anyway. 😔

Who is going to stop this cycle in your family? Who will introduce God from the pregnancy to birth and upbringing of that child?

That's how I did with all my children all my coaching clients, I ask God. That's why I say, I have a God and not a life.

You want to walk in spirit, or you want to know the spirit inside a person read ‭Galatians‬ ‭5:22‭-‬26‬:

"But the fruit of the Spirit is

1. Love,

2. Joy,

3. Peace,

4. Long Suffering,

5. Gentleness,

6. Goodness,

7. Faith,

8. Meekness,

9. Temperance:


against such there is no law."

Now to have these fruit manifest in you, you will have to go through the process of seed sowing in the dark for a while before the tree spring out to bare fruits.

In other words, you can not have one and not the other all of these intertwine into eachother and will explain more in my book.... Or next blog.

Learn to ask God for everything please...He is the creator of all that we see. Only He has the answer to all.

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1 Comment

Nov 29, 2023

Amen Sis 🙏🏻.

This absolutely works, when we ask God first for anything He just sends an answer thru anyone. Thank you so much for this 🥰🥰

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