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Parents are to create their children life when under 18.

I know from baby how my children characters will be. In main picture, I have a photoshoot of my daughter Arielle Miracle st 8 months vs at 5 years old! My diva Arielle Miracle (AM)!

Parents have the power to guide their children in the direction you see them going from a very younger stage of their life! Infact, from the womb!

All six of my children have been named before they were born because I had the understanding and insight already of the type of children they will be.

It’s like bringing them into existence before you see them! 'Calling things into existence that doesn’t exist' as the Bible tells us. If your child is troublesome today, trace back when you were pregnant, how you conducted yourself.

Many women are so distracted when pregnant because churches never talk about pregnancy being a spiritual portal that brings spirit being into the planet earth.

I am that girl that walks with God and He (God), tells me the secret of heaven. This is why nothing catches me by surprise. I see what God sees and know what God knows.

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