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Friday Feeling - Kind to Strangers

Do you think that God was just talking when He said: 'For what good is it to love someone you know? For even sinners do that too.'

When I look around me, I see many people moving in a click, and I often shake my head because year in and year out, they are not really increasing the way they should.

I will tell you why many stay within their comfortable clicks. They struggle with what I call, limiting belief.

You see, many things were taught to us when we were younger and one of them was 'stranger, danger'.

Yes, some restrictions were needed because we were younger, however when we grow, those rule need to go because we need to meet strangers for our business connections etc.

Those who create clicks are struggling with the stranger danger belief. They are still those children, afraid of strangers. They are moving and growing, just not to the full capacity that an adult grows.

I am not afraid of stranger danger, because I adjusted my limiting belief and although many look at my life and believe it is not good, I seem to be living a life that actually is more fulfilling and stress free because I am living a limitless life and I entertain strangers in my life because I am not afraid.

I have a God and not a life, that's why I welcome strangers in my life. If they choose to do me wrong, that's on them and not me.

So, I challenge many with clicks to disassociate those clicks and become real adults unafraid to meet new people.

Be Kind to strangers!

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