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Let us protect our children.

I wish parents did work hand in hand with their children school to mirror same education.

I see no point in sending your child to any school setting if you will not try to at least understand what the school is trying to teach your child.

It is confusing for the child and a waste of time for you as a parent, when you send your child to be educated at school setting, when you will remove it from them when they get off.

The Real education begins at home and if home is where the problem is, understand that, it is not the teachers fault or any of the individuals working with your child's fault if there's something wrong with your children.

Be mindful, on how you are educating your child at home. When they go to school, it will show.

I stopped blaming children long time ago. I blame parents for how a child turns out. We can do Better as parents.

Let us build good citizens.

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