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Life is not a race but a Journey.

Someone graduated at the age of 22 and waited 15 years before getting a good job.

Someone became CEO at 25, and died at 55. While another became CEO at 55, and lived to be 120.

Someone is still single, while someone in their school group has become a grandparent.

Everyone in this world works according to their time zone. God's clock for their life.

People around you may appear to be ahead of you & some may appear to be behind you.

Understand that everyone are doing their own race, at their own pace.

Do not envy them nor should you want to be like them. They are in their time zone, and you are in yours.

If you are not aware of this cycle of life, seek to know your purpose first.

So relax my friends.

You are not late.

You are not early.

You are on time.

Life is not a rat race,

nor is it a race of speed!

There is a proverb in 🇨🇩 that says:

"Going ahead does not guarantee that you will arrive".

So on this Wisdom Wednesday, make sure you are doing what you were born to do and remember, God loves you so much. Trust God!

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