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Rejection is not Ridiculous...

Sometimes in life, accept that a person has rejected you and move on.

It's pointless, useless waiting for a person who has made it obvious publically that he wants another and not you!

Public humiliation always has a public elevation. Some people like to do that to people but when you know yourself, and know that it's actually their loss and not yours, watch how you will be bless 100 times.

Bottom line is this:

We are to love all those who do us wrong. You love them, forgive them for you, not for them because they are the true victims, not you.

Rejection causes you to have your body, mind/soul and spirt back. Especially when you were sharing it with someone toxic or someone whose love was not reciprocal.

I am a living testimony of being rejected by people who could have been a good help for me. However, I never felt ridiculed because I see solution or purposes in every situation.

I never see problem or challenges as they present themselves. I learned from a long time ago how to read situations in my life. I call it spiritual reading and others call it many names.

I leave you with this thought:

Some people rejects you because they have been rejected many times and they think by rejecting your advice and many things, you will desperately follow them.

When you do not follow them and let them go, they are shocked and think automatically that you do not like them.

These are people with internal bleeding, they believe love is accepting them how they are. Even if they are toxic, you should not try to help them because the moment you bring aid in their life, that's when they will hate you.

Friendships or relationship built with toxic people is and will always be toxic. Unless you show them that they need change, they will never change. Do not waste your time on such individuals.

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