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Did you know that there are people in this life that will hate you because you own your life?

Let me explain what I mean:

Some of us have honestly been through stuff in our lives and we walk around as if nothing happened and we are progressing as well as growing, and to some people (especially those who do us wrong) it is not ok for us to walk around happy. To them, we must suffer and cry all the time.

Take my life for example: I have 6 children by 6 different men and I am actually doing better for myself.

A funny incident happened a few months back when one of my exs built up the courage to express his mind towards me by asking these questions:

"Why are you doing better? Each time I see you, you seem to be looking good and doing better and better. How is that possible when you are my ex?"

That's when it hit me.

He said some bad words to me during the break up, and one of them was “you will never find another like me”.

He was right, I never did get involved with any men like him and I intend to keep it that way.

However, I also did not believe his words during the break up because I gave him the opportunity also to be with me. It was not just him liking me. Too often many believe a relationship is only one way, the way of men.

Men like you, who chase you and when you finally become theirs they will tell you that:

" you are lucky because he chose you".

That's wrong, because you also chose to be with him out of all those other dudes that were chasing you.


I am not afraid to say to people that look at me funny because of the the fact that I have 6 children from 6 different men: "At least I have not left them all over town. They are all with me."

Something many will never understand.

I own my life and the stories in them.

I am 100% honest and accountable for all my wrong turns and doing.

I do not point the finger, I work on myself and get better.

Can that be said about your life story?

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