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The importance of friendship

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

In life, I have learned that sharing the same bloodline with people doesn't make you family; it makes you related.

The title is about friendship; why am I talking about family?

Well, family, to me, is the people in your life that genuinely care and love you, and you feel the same towards them.

Friends who become family will be part of your progress in life and are your destiny helpers.

Sometimes we hand-pick friends, and sometimes, God brings them into our lives, or we go to their life for a purpose. Our part is to know how long they are to stay in our lives.

Friendships can make or break you. Having wrong associations means you are also like them. It makes no sense to me when I see people choosing to associate with a selfish, toxic, or polluted individual.

My advice to all reading this comes from my favourite Quote from my unpublished book titled 'Raising Adults', a book which reflects on my experience as someone who had the privilege to assist some youths and vulnerable adults regarding the crime they committed.

One reasons most end up in police cells or in court with a heavy order is 'Peer Pressure'. I could never stress enough to these beautiful people when they come to my panel how important it is to have positive associations with friends. One of the quotes said:

"To succeed in life, you must first accept that success is a process and not a status. For as long as we remain alive in this world, we will learn many lessons, and one of those lessons will be the choice we make concerning who our friends are." ©️ Niina Nia Kabesa

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